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Antminer S9, S7, S4, L3+, L3, D3, R4, T4, Avalon 721, Baikal miner Cube, Baikal miner Quad-CUBE, rigs with nVidia, AMD and other graphic cards. 

Cryptocurrency mining machines require a lot of energy. If you install these power hungry computers at home, you will soon realize that owning one is not cost-effective.They can also become very invasive to those in your household.
With us, you no longer have to deal with this noise pollution, disruptive heat and any problems that are inevitable as you begin your cryptocurrency mining journey. We have found a solution for you! We are a professional ASIC hosting company situated in the Czech Republic. We offer hosting in various locations throughout the Czech Republic, and we are continually increasing our capabilities.

We have followed Cryptocurrencies since the beginning of their inception, and this following has gradually turned our hobby into a daily dose of virtual energy and drama. The value of cryptocurrencies are still growing and, together with it, our knowledge and expertise. We decided to use our expertise to serve other enthusiasts like us.

You probably think you do not need extra experience and skills for mining yourself. But we are here to offer you a smart solution to your cryptocurrency problems. We construct effective solutions for the hobbyist as well as professional investors who are not afraid to invest amounts far exceeding several million. We offer spaces that are tailored to this purpose, and we have spent a lot of time modifying them to create the best conditions for your exploitation. You will earn money while eating, drinking, working or sleeping, and we will make sure that it is convenient for you.
We offer a cost-effective location and a free installation of your miners. In our server centers, we provide different kW capacities for both smaller investors and large ones. We have centers with 50 kW, as well as rooms up to 2000 kW. The safety of your device is, of course, a priority for us. No one wants his work to be unexpectedly interrupted, so we are insured against all risks; especially against fire, electrical surges, heating. Fire protection is provided by gases: hexafluoropropane (ISO HFC-236fa) and heptafluoropropane (ISO HFC-227ea). We can guarantee that no damage to the electronics occurs in the event of any undesirable event. Hosting terms are a different matter of course. They contain specific information, details of cooperation, and you will be acquainted with them in advance.
We also think about the strategic location of our premises and try to make our energy come from 100% renewable sources. All our centers are therefore located within the range of water, wind, or solar energy sources.
When working with us, you will be interested not only in our professional and individual approach to the customer but also in our enthusiasm for crypto. If you have already decided or are still hesitant about our services, please contact us, and we will be happy to advise you.

We have simplified our pricelist to absolutely minimum:

I`m miner:
1-20 miners.
Remote Access. 

Data center Pisek - Vodnany
Currently available: 400kW.

Medium choice:
21-100 miners.
Remote Access. 

Datecenter Ostrava - Krnov
Currently available: 1750kW.

One-time installation fee: 25 $/miner

ServicePrice List:
If there is a mistake on the side of the Miner, or the, User our technician will take care of the issue.

Soft case - 25$
Restart, Factory settings, Reset, Resource switching, Cabling.

Hard case - 50$

More complicated hit, firmware playback, more than 5pcs of  Soft case, ..

We handle these hits 24/7/365!



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Cryptohosting s.r.o.
Komenského 1678
390 02 Tábor
IČ: 06618979

Michal Heřmánek
+420 776 596 979


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